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Thu Jul 11 12:34:48 GMT 2019

Issue #2354 has been updated by bill-auger.

Status changed from confirmed to fixed

Bug #2354: recent arch packages not in parabola repos

* Author: bill-auger
* Status: fixed
* Priority: broken
* Assignee: bill-auger
* Category: 
_TLDR: if you have this problem today, open /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist and copy one of the commented-out parabola mirrors to the top of the mirrorlist - then pacman -Syu

the 'guile' package from arch was upgraded yesterday but the parabola repos still have the previous version, and the redirector can not find any arch mirror with that package - it is a dependency of 'make', so a rather important package


today someone reported several haskel packages with the same situation

perhaps related: i removed the 'gnutls-guile' package from the repos yesterday but the parabola mirrors still have it

anyone using the redirector with these packages installed will not be able to upgrade

error: failed retrieving file <P> from redirector.parabola.nu : The requested URL returned error: 404
warning: failed to retrieve some files

where the currently known <P>'s are:

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