[Dev] Chromebook C201 eMMC

dfstorm dfstorm at riseup.net
Mon Jan 28 18:11:00 GMT 2019

I did it with a chromebook c200 and I think the manipulation is about 
the same for the c201.

To access the mmc memory, you have to install a new bios ^^' The one 
from google won't allow it. Here's a good tutorial with more 
information: https://www.maketecheasier.com/replace-chromebook-bios/

To summarize:

1- Activate "developer mode"
2- Disable "memory lock" (most of the chromebook partitions are "read 
3- Flash the BIOS for something that allow what you want (personally I 
use the one from johnlewis [https://johnlewis.ie/] )
4- Profits (Now install anything you want. Now lsblk command will 
return all the mmc drives on any good linux distribution).

Good luck !

On Mon, 28 Jan, 2019 at 3:27 AM, Lee Strobel <leestrobel at disroot.org> 
> Hi,
> My name is Lee and I'm new to this mailing list (and Parabola). I'm a
> big fan of free software. I've been using Trisquel for several years,
> but thought I would try out Parabola, as I like the idea of the 
> rolling
> release package model.
> Anyway, I recently bought a second-hand Chromebook C201, as I noticed
> that Parabola now supports it. So far, I have installed Arch on an
> external micro SD card, and it seems to boot up fine (I am going to
> migrate it to Parabola soon, but haven't made that step just yet).
> Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck installing on the
> internal eMMC?
> I haven't tried it myself yet. So far, I haven't been able to get the
> existing paritions to mount in Arch. If I do 'fdisk -l' on it, it 
> tells
> me the primary GPT table is corrupt, but the backup is ok. However, if
> I try to use fdisk to repair the partition table, it gives me an i/o
> error. Has anyone else come across that? I haven't yet tried to create
> a new partition table.
> I'd be interested to follow any developments on using GNU/Linux on 
> this
> Chromebook. Seems like a really nice, modern little machine :-)
> Regards,
> Lee
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