[Dev] Chromebook C201 eMMC

Lee Strobel leestrobel at disroot.org
Mon Jan 28 02:27:01 GMT 2019


My name is Lee and I'm new to this mailing list (and Parabola). I'm a
big fan of free software. I've been using Trisquel for several years,
but thought I would try out Parabola, as I like the idea of the rolling
release package model.

Anyway, I recently bought a second-hand Chromebook C201, as I noticed
that Parabola now supports it. So far, I have installed Arch on an
external micro SD card, and it seems to boot up fine (I am going to
migrate it to Parabola soon, but haven't made that step just yet).
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck installing on the
internal eMMC?

I haven't tried it myself yet. So far, I haven't been able to get the
existing paritions to mount in Arch. If I do 'fdisk -l' on it, it tells
me the primary GPT table is corrupt, but the backup is ok. However, if
I try to use fdisk to repair the partition table, it gives me an i/o
error. Has anyone else come across that? I haven't yet tried to create
a new partition table.

I'd be interested to follow any developments on using GNU/Linux on this
Chromebook. Seems like a really nice, modern little machine :-)



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