[Dev] Mirroring Parabola

Jonathan Sélea jonathan at selea.se
Mon Jan 14 09:25:53 GMT 2019

> În 2019-01-12 21:48, bill-auger a scris:
> > 
> > i am curious about the linux.pizza website - it currently indicates
> > only that a penguin may be eating pizza soon - i dont get it?

I hope to finish a small "portal" where people can find the various
services that I offer for free on the Linux.pizza domain.

The metaphor I have thought of is "Linux and Pizza is similar, because
you can have it as you want and how you like".

> I find it slightly amusing that a tiny gnu is in the top pizza box.
> Tiberiu

When my wife has time, she will redo it and give GNU more attention.
Because the small project has turned out to be more GNU focused than I
thought it would be.
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