[Dev] Mirroring Parabola

Jonathan Sélea jonathan at selea.se
Sat Jan 12 08:08:23 GMT 2019

> I assume this is meant to read 'mirror.linux.pizza/parabola/'?

That is correct! Please excuse my typo!
We are infact mirroring Trisquel too, I just hope that they are finally
going to add the mirror to the mirrorlist...

> > 
> > RSYNC: rsync://rsync.linux.pizza/mirror/parabola/
> > Location: Southern Sweden
> Do you have a more precise location? We usually list mirrors as
> '<country>, <city>' in the mirrorlist.

Sweden, Skövde
The mirror is located there atm, we will maybe (hopefully) move it to
Gothenburg in a few month.

> > 
> > Speed: 1Gbit
> > Contact: Jonathan Sélea (admin at selea.se) & Joakim Svensson
> > (admin at operationtulip.com)
> > Sync Rate: Every fourth hour
> > Thanks to: Operationtulip.com
> Does your server have a traffic quota? That might not be an issue,
> depending on the number of distros you are mirroring.

We do not have any quota, so feel free to download the packages over
and over ;)

Please let me know if you have further questions!
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