[Dev] [nonprism/gnome-settings-daemon] Upgrade to v3.34.1+1+ge1fc4599

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Dec 16 02:03:24 GMT 2019

after installing 'gnome-settings-daemon' per theova's PKGBUILD,
gnome is running as expected with the [nonprism] packages - ive
published the new packages for all three arches

nonprism+gnome has been problematic for a long time - there are
a number of open issues - two of them are related to GDM which i
i did not try; but hopefully all of these can be closed now

#1884: nonprism and gnome
#1439: [nonprism/gnome-settings-daemon]: breaks GDM/GNOME
#2128: [nonprism/gnome-online-accounts]: Cannot start GNOME

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