[Dev] [Assist] Please check the connection problem

Freemor freemor at freemor.ca
Sat Dec 14 12:39:06 GMT 2019

On Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 12:08:52PM +0100, Peter Littmann wrote:
> Good Morning Sirs!
> I am using your IRC through your Webinterface, Cactus or so.
> There I got a question from the user HEX0 at 6:22:24 regarding our business.
> So, after my waken up I started to answer him at 9:51:39 with  my first
> answer which is 8 lines long.
> ! Than I got a information in the IRC that the connection is
> disconnected. So it seems my following answers from 10:39:52, 11:09:17
> ad 11:10:29 can*t find their way to him.
> May question now is:
> Would you please check this connection problem or am I blocked cause my
> answer is to long?

This is standard IRC behaviour to prevent people from flooding the channel.
It'll happen pretty much anyplace on IRC. Easy fix is to just break the answer
up into several smaller statements.

> Please assist me!!!
> Thanks in advance
> Best regards
> Peter Littmann, Berlin Germany
> P.S.: I will going to publish my answer now at wikimedia and sent you
> the link when this is done.

The wiki is not the right place for talking about your business. It is for
information related to Using and installing Parabola. Posting personal stuff
and definitely commercial stuff it probably just end up with that being
removed. And if it happened to often your wiki privileges suspended for
spamming the wiki.

If you were selling a computer that required special installation steps to get
it functioning with Parabola. That would be fine to create an entry on the wiki
for, So long as it did not contain advertising or promotion.

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