[Dev] Getting Linux-libre working in the C201

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Tue Dec 10 15:33:29 GMT 2019

Hi everybody, I recently uploaded linux-libre-cros in [libre-testing],
which is a deblobbed version of the ChromiumOS kernel[1]. I did this
because that's what Paul Kocialkowski suggested once [2], and none of
the actual kernels work correctly in the C201, read more in #2372 [3]

Any important feedback about if it's working or not, with logs and
info, post it in the tracker, and any doubt, discussion or
recommendation, ask it here (e.g. things like "how do I XXX?" or
"should we XXX?"). *Also*, if some hardware doesn't work with this
kernel or have another non-critical problem, but you can sucessfully
boot it, DO NOT (yet) post any issue related to linux-libre-cros since
it is an experimental kernel. You can, instead, post them here so I try
to solve them before getting it in [libre].

Temporary git repo with deblobbed CrOS kernel, if anybody is interested
(version 5.4.2 as of now): 

[1] https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromiumos/third_party/kernel
[2] https://lists.parabola.nu/pipermail/dev/2016-April/003940.html
[3] https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/2372
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