[Dev] [Packages - Bug #2432] (unconfirmed) peculiar entries in the repo-lint report

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Mon Aug 12 16:23:16 GMT 2019

Issue #2432 has been reported by bill-auger.

Bug #2432: [Dev] peculiar entries in the repo-lint report

* Author: bill-auger
* Status: unconfirmed
* Priority: bug
* Assignee: 
* Category: 
oaken-source -

could you explain the entries in the sections "repo.db entries
with mismatched signing keys:" and "packages with invalid
signatures:" - it looks like a bug with the lint script - the
keyring package is on those lists - that is signed by the
autobuilder - that signature is surely valid

the entries referring to 'C3F4FFCF3EAE8697' are correct; but
the ones with 'GPG-EXIT 33554433' look fishy

GPG-EXIT 33554433 != A170D6A0B669E21A
no public key: gpg-exit 33554433


BTW - where is the code for the linter? - i have some checks i
could add to it
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