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Fri Aug 9 18:42:03 GMT 2019

Issue #2416 has been updated by freemor.

eschwartz said:
the only file that seems to be distributed in libreoffice-fresh is /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/fonts/truetype/opens___.ttf, and the only
file distributed by the sdk is /usr/share/libreoffice/sdk/classes/win/unowinreg.dll  
Seems like the jars are only used for the testsuite, so the built package is fine to import?

With that being the case I guess it is just a matter of digging into the opens___.ttf (license/etc) and deciding what to do
about libreoffice-sdk as that contains a prebuilt DLL.

(Thanks, eschwartz )

Freedom issue #2416: [extra/libreoffice-*] Pre-compiled bits in the PKGBUILD

* Author: freemor
* Status: unconfirmed
* Priority: discussion
* Assignee: 
* Category: 
On the Cusp of the transition form 6.2.5 to 6.3.x I took a look at the current 6.2.5 PKGBUILD from ARCH

It looks like the build may not be "Clean" 5 Precompiled bits are pulled in.
Of concern are:
        ${_additional_source_url2}/8249374c274932a21846fa7629c2aa9b-officeotron-0.7.4-master.jar  # for test suite
        ${_additional_source_url2}/odfvalidator-1.2.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies-971c54fd38a968f5860014b44301872706f9e540.jar # for test suite

With _additional_source_url2 being defined as:

Putting this here mostly so I don't forget to look at the new PKGBUILD

/185d60944ea767075d27247c3162b3bc-unowinreg.dll    -> function should be determined. Is there source any place? can de build from source. Is this just part of the LO-sdk and we can just blacklist the libreoffice-*-sdk packages
/8249374c274932a21846fa7629c2aa9b-officeotron-0.7.4-master.jar    -> seems to be tied to a document (format) validation service "office-o-tron". Source for something of the same name exists at: https://github.com/alexbrn/officeotron.git
/49a64f3bcf20a7909ba2751349231d6652ded9cd2840e961b5164d09de3ffa63-opens___.ttf   ->  Clearly a font. Why Pre-compiled? How Used? What License? Can we loose it? Is there source some place?
/odfvalidator-1.2.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies-971c54fd38a968f5860014b44301872706f9e540.jar  -> from the name also an document validator. All the same questions as above.

As course with the comming 6.3.x some of these may change/disappear. I'll keep an eye on that..

K, time for bed now.. Look more in the morning.

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