[Dev] [Installation media - Bug #2413] (unconfirmed) [EFI] [GRUB] Reboot every time EFI boot variable is modified

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Wed Aug 7 13:40:52 GMT 2019

Issue #2413 has been reported by temporaryuser.

Bug #2413: [EFI] [GRUB] Reboot every time EFI boot variable is modified

* Author: temporaryuser
* Status: unconfirmed
* Priority: bug
* Assignee: 
* Category: 
My computer reboots every time I modify EFI variable.
I have found this after I installed (and then removed) Windows 7 (later versions failed to install with same issue). I have used efibootmgr to remove Windows‐related EFI boot variables. Every time I removed a variable, system rebooted, but variable was removed.
How can I install GRUB in this case? Is it possible to do some commands after each reboot until finished?

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