[Dev] [Installation media - Freedom issue #2412] (info needed) Stop distribution of images with freedom issues

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Tue Aug 6 16:45:50 GMT 2019

Issue #2412 has been updated by freemor.

Status changed from unconfirmed to info needed

What freedome issue? What exactly is the issue? What on the .iso is problematic.

Also, Please do stop with the ASAP. It isn't necessary, it's rather rude, it's not effective, I've told you this in prior BRs

Freedom issue #2412: Stop distribution of images with freedom issues

* Author: temporaryuser
* Status: info needed
* Priority: bug
* Assignee: 
* Category: 
There may be some installation images with freedom issues.
One of them is *Parabola systemd LXDE ISO*.
At least, there is #2391.
*Distribution of these images must be stopped ASAP until new images are ready.*

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