[Dev] [Packages - Packaging request #2411] (open) GNU IceCat has been updated to the version 60.7.0

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Mon Aug 5 21:22:19 GMT 2019

Issue #2411 has been reported by eliotime3000.

Packaging request #2411: GNU IceCat has been updated to the version 60.7.0

* Author: eliotime3000
* Status: open
* Priority: bug
* Assignee: 
* Category: 

The GNU IceCat browser has been updated to the version 60.7.0.

According to the maillist bulletin, here we have the following news:

<pre><code class="html">
* Added extra build fail-safes
  * Do not include the Debian package specifics
  * Corrected description for "tracking protection" on on-boarding page
* Hardened privacy settings: spoof referrers by default, isolate requests to first party origin, and disable sending the origin header to the HTTP server.
  * Updated extensions bundle:
   - "LibreJS" updated to 7.19rc3, Now with Android support!
- Added "ViewTube" + "disable-polymer-youtube" extensions, which allow to browse and play YouTube videos without JavaScript
   - "TorButton" updated to 0.1.
   - "HTTPS Everywhere" updated to 2019.1.31
   - Improved interface for "Reveal hidden HTML"
- "Third Party Request Blocker" configured to allow requests sub-domains of the same site, known CDN servers (this is fine since we don't send referrers or origin headers), CSS files, and YouTube resource servers.

In any case that wants to check out the avariable release, the GIT and FTP repos have avariable the quoted version.



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