[Dev] I am starting a review into whether QtWebEngine is free software

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Thu Apr 18 19:09:04 GMT 2019

El 16-04-19 a las 04:45, Andreas Grapentin escribió:
> Hello Everyone,
> You have read the subject line of this email, so you know what's up.
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> What is the situation?
> =================================
> As you all know, in the past, the freedom of QtWebEngine has been
> questioned repeatedly, to the point that parabola (and I believe most if
> not all the FSDG compliant distributions) was forced to remove it from
> its official repositories.
> As a consequence, many programs that directly or through their
> dependencies depend on QtWebEngine needed to be blacklisted as well, or
> be modified to use the -- arguably outdated -- QtWebKit instead. At the
> moment, this impacts dozens of packages on parabola, which takes away
> from the experience of the distributions users. It also creates a
> considerable amount of work for the us maintainers to keep the modified
> programs up to date, which gets increasingly difficult as the developers
> move away from QtWebKit.
> =================================
> What is the plan?
> =================================
> What I am now trying to do is organize the existing allegations made
> against QtWebEngine, and conclusively determine whether or not
> QtWebEnigne is free software, and if it is deemed to not be entirely
> free, what steps need to be taken towards liberating it and towards
> creating a version of QtWebEngine that can be packaged and distributed
> by FSDG compliant distros.
> I will *not* be investigating whether Chromium is free software, at
> least not right now. This review is only for QtWebEngine, and the subset
> of chromium that it embeds.
> =================================
> Do you want to help?
> =================================
> If you want to help me out, please forward me any existing allegations
> against QtWebEngine that I might have missed. I want this review to be
> conclusive, and it can only be complete if all complaints are
> sufficiently addressed.
> If you want to get involved more actively, I am currently in the process
> of setting up a local fossology instance, but I could easily set up a
> public instance for a collaborative investigation instead. I am also
> setting up a git repository to organize the results of the review. If
> you want to get access to any of these, let me know.
> Come find me in #parabola on freenode for a chat.
> Best,
> Andreas Grapentin (oaken-source)
> for the parabola GNU/Linux-libre distribution.
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Great! would be good to also see someone from other free distro or
GNU/FSF working with you. Pitifully, because of time, I can't help now


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