[Dev] Patch for qutebrowser update 1.6.1

Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Mon Apr 15 08:30:08 GMT 2019

We should probably contact them about this and invite them to a
discussion about why we think the outstanding issues are still relevant.


On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 03:18:44PM -0400, bill-auger wrote:
> check this out - when you launch qutebrowser, you are greeted
> with this prominent warning - as a justification for abandoning
> webkit support, the upstream is explicitly warning users not to
> use the parabola qutebrowser package
> QtWebKit backend warning
> Because of those security issues and the maintaince burden
> coming with supporting QtWebKit, support for it will be dropped
> in a future qutebrowser release. It's recommended that you use
> QtWebEngine instead.
> (Outdated) reasons to use QtWebKit
> Most reasons why people preferred the QtWebKit backend aren't
> relevant anymore:
> QtWebEngine being unavailable on Parabola: Claims of Parabola
> developers about QtWebEngine being "non-free" have repeatedly
> been disputed, and so far nobody came up with solid evidence
> about that being the case. Also, note that their qutebrowser
> package is orphaned and was often outdated in the past (even
> qutebrowser security fixes took months to arrive there). You
> might be better off chosing an alternative install method.
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