[Dev] Patch for qutebrowser update 1.6.1

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sat Apr 13 19:18:44 GMT 2019

check this out - when you launch qutebrowser, you are greeted
with this prominent warning - as a justification for abandoning
webkit support, the upstream is explicitly warning users not to
use the parabola qutebrowser package

QtWebKit backend warning

Because of those security issues and the maintaince burden
coming with supporting QtWebKit, support for it will be dropped
in a future qutebrowser release. It's recommended that you use
QtWebEngine instead.

(Outdated) reasons to use QtWebKit

Most reasons why people preferred the QtWebKit backend aren't
relevant anymore:

QtWebEngine being unavailable on Parabola: Claims of Parabola
developers about QtWebEngine being "non-free" have repeatedly
been disputed, and so far nobody came up with solid evidence
about that being the case. Also, note that their qutebrowser
package is orphaned and was often outdated in the past (even
qutebrowser security fixes took months to arrive there). You
might be better off chosing an alternative install method.

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