[Dev] New server provider?

Ryan rysa88 at posteo.net
Mon Sep 24 13:44:19 GMT 2018






Wasn't sure which list to post this to, so apologies if this was the
wrong place. I should start this by adding I am probably biased, given
that I am on the management committee of this provider, so I speak as a
Parabola Gnu/Linux Libre user and someone involved in webarch, however I
don't know if you have heard of  Webarchitects Co-operative.
https://www.webarch.net/ . Webarch provides all sorts of hosting
services and aswell as being a co-operative organisation, one of its key
values is the use of Free/Libre Software. So I'm not sure if webarch can
or can not provide what you need or what the costing would be like, but
if your interested, contacting the team, would be able to give you some
idea re: clarifying this all.

Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't.




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