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On 28/09/18 20:17, Freemor wrote:
> CC'ing back into the list beacuse I assume that was where you meant it to go
> On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 07:36:19PM +0100, pribib wrote:
> I see where you are going the but your premise seems flawed. You are failing to
> recognize that the vast majority of content on websites is non-free. I can not
> take a random picture from a website modify it and then claim it to be my own.
> In fact most thing I do not even have the right to re-distribute at all.
> So if you are arguing youtube-dl is mostly to access non-free works then so is
> a browser, with very few exceptions. Even the FSF licenses many of their posts
> CC-BY-ND. Thus not free.
I have attempted to highlight the differences but if that is your 
perspective, then OK, then that's what I am arguing. Does the inclusion 
of web browsers suggest Parabola endorses nonfree cultural works?

If not then it would appear that the line cannot be drawn at "tools that 
mostly provide access to nonfree works" because of web browsers. 
Therefore there is no need to patch or remove games that enable a user 
to access nonfree works because web browsers do the same. If as, bill 
has stated, devs can implement the line wherever they feel without 
confirmation from other devs and this is your opinion then I would ask 
you personally to draw the line here and maintain packages such as 
OpenRA and an unpatched version of OpenMW.

If so please remove web browsers.

 From bill's statements, developers as it stands have the ability to 
decide what kind of cultural works their users can access based on their 
own personal level of support for free culture. Personal political 
opinions of individual developers should not be imposed on users.

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