[Dev] Parabola stance on game assets

pribib pribib at bluehome.net
Fri Sep 28 03:32:34 GMT 2018

I didn't mean to respond to you specifically but what do you mean? To 
clarify, I meant that if we are bringing the discussion to whether or 
not software packages available in the Parabola repo should 
recommend/provide access to obtaining non-free cultural works as its 
primary purpose then youtube-dl should be considered as well. While the 
argument may be made that sites accessible via youtube-dl do not always 
provide non-free cultural works, there are almost certainly some that 
are. From looking at the list a few of the following sites make me wonder:

  * Steam
  * The sites referencing South Park
  * Sky Sports
  * Nintendo
  * Crunchyroll
  * etc

If and when the cultural policy is clearly stated it states that the 
decisions to remove OpenRA or patch OpenMW based upon their ability to 
access non-free cultural works was justified then to me it would seem 
that some similar considerations must be made for youtube-dl.

On 28/09/18 04:14, Josh Branning wrote:
> Theoretically speaking and following my responses to said questions, 
> the list of supported sites for youtube-dl probably shouldn't exist in 
> said package.
> Josh

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