[Dev] Parabola stance on game assets

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Fri Sep 28 00:52:27 GMT 2018

all i can say is that there is no freedom bug report for 'openra' - this
is the first i have heard of it - if it does what you say then it
should probably be removed - do open that bug report and someone will
look into it

regarding "what parabola wants to" that was codified in the mission
statement - i was not party to the discussion or voting that led to its
terms but from what i see it was quite extensive - im quite sure that
nothing was omitted due to lack of foresight - any glaring omission
was probably intentional - in the end what you are really suggesting is
to re-open the discussion to modify the "parabola social contract" -
that's not a terrible idea but IMHO the thing i would want to change
most is the title; because it can only realistically be no more than a
"promise" to do our best - to that end, the body of it is pretty good

your suggestion is essentially to apply the full scope of the
FSDG to all data files; not only to avoid distributing them but to
avoid any mention or assistance finding and installing them - as i
said, the implications of that go well beyond some game art - that would
entail removing pip, rubygems, npm, docker and countless other such
third-party package managers - i am not saying i am against that idea;
but it is not to be taken so lightly as a removing handful of games

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