[Dev] Parabola stance on game assets

Adam Roberts pribib at bluehome.net
Thu Sep 27 02:28:31 GMT 2018

> i would not say that program was ever "permitted" - the issue on the
> bug tracker that you quoted from, exists to evaluate that program and
> remove if it does in fact include non-free files - these things
> sneak in from arch often and they take time to evaluate - a little
> non-copyleft artwork is understandably not at the highest priority
Without getting too wrapped up in definitions, from looking at the old 
releases of Warsow the license change which permitted inclusion as a 
result of the following issue: https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/1108 is 
the one that exists between warsow_15 and warsow_20 from the following 
archives http://sebastian.network/warsow/old_releases/ in which the CC 
BY-ND is also included. Wikipedia states the following release dates 
"June 8, 2014 (version 1.51), November 30, 2015 (version 2.0)" both of 
which are before the 09/26/2016 date that #1108 was reported. If you 
also consider the fact that the date on the license.txt file (when 
installing from the repo or the most recent archive available on the 
Warsow website) is 26/03/2016 it would appear that it was indeed 
"permitted" after all.

> for one thing, the FSDG explicitly forbids leading users directly to
> non-free software - to me, that includes most third-party package
> managers, AUR helpers, docker/appimage/flatpack/snaps, and so on; but
> parabola has those, and there is an open issue about removing or
> filtering them - i would say that whatever the decision is regarding
> those should be carried over to media files as well; but that is still
> up in the air
So would this include programs that enable people to import assets?
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