[Dev] dbscripts 20180925.2 release announcement

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Wed Sep 26 21:18:47 GMT 2018

I rolled out version 20180925.1 last night and then 20180925.2 this
morning of Parabola dbscripts.

They fix bugs in 20180925.  So much for it being a minor housekeeping

Changes from 20180925 to 20180925.1:

 - db-cleanup: Modify to clean up old torrents.  With torrents created
   by make_repo_torrents >=20180925, no modification is necessary; but
   db-cleanup does need modified to be able to clean up torrents
   created by older versions.

 - make_repo_torrents:

   * Don't keep pressing TORRENTPOOL after a failure (presumably from
     EXT4-fs crying).

   * Always try to make a sure a symlink in TORRENTPOOL exists, even
     if the actual torrent file already exists.  This prevents
     failures in a previous run from stopping it from trying on a
     subsequent run.

 - db-import-keyring: Also import PGP signatures.  It wasn't, so the
   call to db-update was failing.

We'll see in 1 hour at the next scheduled make_repo_torrents run how
those changes went.

We'll see in 3 hours at the next scheduled db-import-keyring run how
those changes went.

We'll see tomorrow morning at the next scheduled db-cleanup run how
those changes went.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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