[Dev] dbscripts 20180925 release announcement

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Tue Sep 25 23:31:01 GMT 2018

I've rolled out version 20180925 of Parabola dbscripts.

This is a minor-ish housekeeping release.

Changes from 20180924 to 20180925:

 - db-import-keyring: Add this program to import
   archlinux{32,arm}-keyring separately from db-import-pkg.
   Previously, these packages had to be copied over via a manual
   process.  <https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/2000>

 - make_individual_torrent: Remove this program, make it part of

 - make_repo_torrents:

   * Place the .torrent file alongside the actual package file.
     Create a symlink to that in the $FTP_BASE/torrents/ location that
     pacman2pacman looks for them in.  This should help to mitigate
     EXT4-fs performance issues <https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/1253>.
   * Don't clean up old torrents; with the above change, db-cleanup
     will do that with no extra instruction.
   * Place symlinks to the torrent file wherever there's a symlink to
     the package file.  This will allow pacman2pacman to migrate away
     from a massive single pool, which will allow us to migrate away
     from having to maintain that pool, which will entirely cure the
     EXT4-fs performance issues
   * Make the list of trackers and web-seeds configurable in
   * Better error handling and reporting.

Next steps along this line of development:

 - Verify that db-import-keyring works as desired, then blacklist
   archlinuxarm-keyring and archlinux32-keyring to prevent
   db-import-pkg from importing them.

 - Edit pacman2pacman to look for torrents in the same location as the
   plain package file.

 - Once the revised pacman2pacman has been published for sufficiently
   long, and there are no more non-symlinks in $FTP_BASE/torrents/,
   remove support for that directory from make_repo_torrents, and
   delete the directory.

 - Potentially integrate .torrent generation into db-update/db-move,
   to avoid the cost of crawling the repos and avoid the lag of having
   make_repo_torrents run hourly.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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