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Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Sat Oct 27 23:26:23 GMT 2018

Hi guys, I've written to the FSF about the Parabola PPC port. This is
something that has been developed and discussed (in IRC mainly) by
oaken-source, ebrasca, ovruni, lukeshu and me. We already have some
packages in our repos, and already ported the -any packages. Some of the
next goals are: create a feature-rich autobuilder, get more hardware to
test it, make Parabola to have full support over this architecture and
write the installation guide for it.

Ppl at the FSF are now asking for more details (see the forwarded email
below), and unfortunately I do not have time right now to answer them
(AFAIK oaken-source neither), so if any of you devs (lukeshu, ovruni,
ebrasca, or someone else who has worked in this) can help, please.

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Hi David,

I've added our tech and licensing teams to this ticket, and included
your full message below for their context. Can you share more detail
about where things are at, what the goals are, and what we might be able
to do to help?


On Mon Oct 01 11:00:34 2018, megver83 at parabola.nu wrote:
> Hi, I'm David, a Parabola GNU/Linux-libre developer. I'm writing to you
> because, as far as I know, the FSF is interested in a libre PowerPC distro.
> At Parabola we are working on it. One of our developers has a TALOS II
> and it already boots Parabola *but* it is still under heavy development.
> I don't know if this is the right address to which I should write, if
> not please redirect me to the corresponding place.
> We would like your help, in anything that you can, like infrastructure
> for a build server, volunteers for packaging, etc. so if we can discuss
> it maybe in a mailing list, it would be awesome.
> Thanks.

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