[Dev] [FYI] Rewriting iceweasel.git history

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Wed Oct 24 06:26:38 GMT 2018

sounds like something i would do - hooray for rebasing

there is also the 'obsolete' category for repos those could go in - i
mention that because i would rather see all of the personal namespaced
repos go away, or at least not to be visible in the public cgit site
and as well the personal repos on the package search site

moving one of the iceweasel repos under the 'emulatorman' category and
the other under 'oaken-source' is not really capturing or presenting
any important information other than the person who has the most commits
in that repo - information that is visible in the logs

the cgit front page is very messy now - some repos are at the
top-level and others are categorized and many duplicates - probably all
of the user namespaced repos could be collapsed into a single
'development' category or hidden entirely - thats primarily what they
are really - un-finshed and un-used - thats not to say all the repos
could not remain publicly accessible but just to clean up the cruft
from the front page somehow

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