[Dev] dbscripts 20181003.1 release announcement

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Thu Oct 4 00:54:15 GMT 2018

I've rolled out version 20181003.1 (there was no 20181003, don't ask)
of Parabola dbscripts.

All told, this is a very small release.  It's mostly changes to the
default configuration, not changes to the actual software.  This
should do a better job of getting us started with official ppc64le

Changes from 20180925.2 to 20181003.1:

 - db-init:
   * Create tags that are configured but don't exist.  This behavior
     used to exist, but was removed in 20160708.  It's back now, to
     ease in creating repos for ppc64le and risc-v.
   * Don't create the config:STAGING directory, require that the
     caller of db-update do that.

 - db-cleanup: Ignore config:PKGREPOS and config:ARCHES, scan all .db
   files found under config:FTP_BASE.

 - default config:
   * config.local.parabola:
     - Don't allow Parabola packagers to publish to [core], [extra],
       [community], or any of the other imported repos.  Only allow
       db-import-* programs to publish to those.  A future release
       will add a mechanism to allow for publishing to those for
       architectures that don't have an Arch upstream (ppc64le,
     - Don't allow packagers to publish to [~user] repos
       other than their own.
     - Allow publishing arch=(ppc64le) packages.
   * global: No longer require that "config.local.*" files be symlinked in to
     /opt/dbscripts/.  You can now just plop them in /etc/dbscripts/.
   * db-import-pkg: Import more repos: staging-x86_64,
     gnome-unstable-x86_64, kde-unstable-x86_64,
     community-staging-x86_64, community-testing-x86_64,
     multilib-staging-x86_64, community-staging-i686,
     community-testing-i686, staging-i686, gnome-unstable-i686,
     kde-unstable-i686, alarm-armv7h, and aur-armv7h.  See

On winston.parabola.nu, I've

 - run: sudo pacman -Syu --ignore=linux-libre-lts

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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