[Dev] Qupzilla contains nonprivacy search engine eg:google

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu May 31 02:19:37 GMT 2018

nothing in [pcr] should be on the blacklist - all packages in [pcr] have been
added intentionally by a parabola dev because arch does not package them - libre
replacements for existing arch packages are entered in the blacklist and are
placed in the [libre] repo

in this case, 'qupzilla1' is a replacement for the arch 'qupzilla' so you are
correct that it should also be on the blacklist - i immediately saw an issue
when i tried it that it has a checkbox to allow loading of the flash player
plugin - i think the liberation of this program was not fully completed and that
is probably why it is not listed yet - but in that case it should now be in
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