[Dev] Blacklist and autobuilder

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Wed May 16 20:04:15 GMT 2018

Hi all. I've working on some things regarding the blacklist, and I've
encountered a few problems, thought on solutions, and wanted to discuss
some topics, so I will summarize everything in this mail.

1) Autobuilder
  Something strange happens to it. I just pushed some changes to the
blacklists, and now your-privacy and your-freedom_emu have the same
conflicts=() as your-freedom and the PKGBUILDs pushed to the abslibre by
the autobuilder have incorrect checksums, except your-freedom.

  lukeshu, could you look at this?

2) New script to get deprecated packages
  I created this script

  So anyone can get deprecated packages that are still in our blacklists
    (read the script for more info) and remove them. I used it for
and works well

3) Uboot packages
  We block Arch ARM's uboot packages

  However, is it necessary? I mean, they are in the [alarm] which is a
particular repo from Arch ARM that we don't sync. Plus, some packages
like vboot-utils, which are at [alarm], not in the blacklist and in
[libre]. So then why uboot?

  In summary (regarding this point), we should not blacklist [alarm]
packages if we don't sync it. However, I think we can consider syncing
it, because there are some useful packages there, like fake-hwclock,
vboot-utils (which is ultra outdated in [libre]), some xf86-video
drivers, etc.
  If we don't, the second option would be to, in some way, move the
useful packages to [libre] (maybe using a whitelist instead of a
blacklist is a better idea in this case).
  And in the last case, which is probably what we do now, manually build
those packages ourselves and upload them to [libre].

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