[Dev] duplicate 'unarchiver' packages

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun May 13 22:17:01 GMT 2018

the parabola package 'unar' may not longer be necessary as it seems arch
has begun packaging the same program under the name 'unarchiver' so
there is now the same program available in two different repos under
different names - this is not critical but the current situation is very
confusing how it got to be this way - can anyone sort out how to handle this

the 'unar' package is listed in the blacklist as replacing the 'unrar'
package - but those are not the same software - that would explain the
different name but that would not be considered to be a replacement but
a completely unrelated alternative - i would really like to see the
blacklist data be as informative and helpful as possible - this
particular example is more confusing than helpful - the blacklist
descriptions should all read something like: "the parabola version of
this program was liberated in the following ways ...." in which case the
parabola package lives in [libre] and usually has the same name as the
non-free package - or else it should read: "parabola did not liberate
this package but the following alternative is recommended instead ...."
with the alternative package having a different name and noted only in
the description but not in the metadata column #2 as the definitive
liberated replacement

secondly, the PKGBUILD for 'unar' has it replacing the 'unarchiver'
which was presumably in the AUR when this was added - but that would not
explain the different name because it is exactly the same program - it
furthermore is not modified in any significant way from the upstream so
therefore does not belong in [libre] but instead in [PCR]

this is issue #1769 https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/1769

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