[Dev] [RFC] [nonsystemd] repository, packages built without systemd support

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Tue May 8 18:57:54 GMT 2018

Hi all,

I just created a new (experimental) repository named [nonsystemd] (the
folder at /srv/repo/main seems to be there since 2015 so I decided to
use it) and my idea was to do the same as [nonprism], but applied to

So, as in [nonprism] we build packages without support for nonfree or
privacy-dangerous services/protocols, [nonsystemd] packages would have
packages built without systemd support (so we don't have to create
-nosystemd packages). I thought also on creating your-initfreedom or
sth. like that, which conflicts with systemd and its friends: netctl,
libsystemd, libsystemd-standalone, systemd-kcm, python-systemd,
nss-{resolv,systemd}, etc. (we can add the list on blacklist.git too)

As of now, [nonsystemd] has a version of mkinitcpio taken from Artix. I
don't think it's necessary to put "$pkgdesc, without systemd support" in
the PKGBUILDs since the repository name says everything.

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