[Dev] dbscripts 20180507.1 / winston.parabola.nu upgrade

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Tue May 8 01:02:26 GMT 2018

I've rolled out version 20180507.1 of Parabola dbscripts.

This announcement describes both 20180507 and 20180507.1.

Version 20180507 was *almost* merely a minor bugfix release over

Fixes from 20180505 to 20180507:
 - config:
   * export TMPDIR (otherwise it is ignored in most cases)
 - db-import-archlinux{32,arm}.conf:
   * fix default values for ARCHMIRROR
 - db-import-pkg:
   * fix symlinks used for running repo-add
   * fix the pool name used in a user message
Actual changes from 20180505 to 20180507:
 - db-import-pkg:
   * make it an error (instead of a warning) if we can't find a
     package file (intended to help catch the bugs fixed above)

However, it turns out that that final change means that we started
catching bugs that have "always" had.  Version 20180507.1 then
proceeds to fix those.

Changes from 20180507 to 20180507.1:
 - db-import-pkg:
   * Rewrite the algorithm used to look up the pkgpool to use for a
     package when importing from archlinux{32,arm}.

On winston.parabola.nu, I have
 - Restored 'any' and 'i686' files in the [community] and [packages]
   pools from a 2018-05-04 backup, to fix breakage caused by
   db-cleanup running while the repos were otherwise broken because of
   20180505's db-import-pkg.
 - run: sudo pacman -Syu --ignore={linux-libre-lts,python-pyspf}
 - run: sudo systemctl restart db-import at archlinux{32,arm}.service

At this point, I think I should not touch anything for a few days, to
make sure that everything is running smoothly.

I appologize for the breakage this caused this weekend.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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