[Dev] dbscripts 20180502 / winston.parabola.nu upgrade

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at lukeshu.com
Wed May 2 16:00:04 GMT 2018

I've rolled out version 20180502 of Parabola dbscripts.

Changes from 20180501 to 20180502:
 - db-import-archlinux-any-to-ours:
   * Delete this program
 - db-import-pkg:
   * Preserve file permissions when copying .db files in to place
   * Don't change repo-remove's output
   * Log full output from `repo-add`
   * Miscellaneous tidy-up
 - db-import-*:
   * Merge the 'ARCHREPOS' and 'ARCHARCHES' config items in to
   * Merge the 'mirror' and 'mirrorpath' config items in to

On winston.parabola.nu, I have
 - run: sudo pacman -Syu --ignore={linux-libre-lts,python-pyspf}

The big item here is that this completes the umask change introduced
in 20180429, in preparation for adjusting the user permissions on the
repos (step 3 of my plan for improving dbscripts).

  [X] 1. Split archlinux -> {packages,community}
  [X] 2. Add config.local.* files
  [-] 3. Set up the `repo` group        [eta: 2018-05-04]
  [ ] 4. Set DBSCRIPTS_CONFIG           [eta: 2018-05-04]
  [X] 5. Use systemd timers
  [ ] 6. Use db-update                  [eta: 2018-05-05]
  [ ] 7. Migrate humans off of repo@    [eta: no sooner than 2018-05-11]
  [ ] 8. Migrate robots off of repo@    [eta: no sooner than 2018-05-18]

The fact that the umask changed introduced in 20180429 didn't "stick"
means that I need to wait a bit longer before performing step 3,
delaying the entire schedule a bit.  Sometime soon I'll be posting a
report of files with funny ownership/permissions that we need to
figure out why they are that way (Chesterton's fence).

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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