[Dev] Rework of the ARM installation guide

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Tue May 1 23:38:02 GMT 2018

For instance something like this, but maybe a bit better written?

#fill in these variables

#script starts here
mkdir workdir
cd workdir
wget --content-disposition 
tar -xf uboot4extlinux-*
cp -a -n boot "${ext_partition}"
chmod +x ./.INSTALL
source ./.INSTALL
echo "N" | flash_uboot | while read -r line; do if [ "$(echo $line | cut 
-c 1-4)" == "# dd" ]; then $(echo $line | cut -c 3- | sed -e 
's/\/boot/boot/g' | sed -e "s|\/dev\/mmcblk0|${drive}|g"); fi; done

On 01/05/18 21:17, bill-auger wrote:
> isnt that just the typical way of doing it? wasnt that exactly how it
> was done before the tarball was released? as i understand, the reason
> for the tarball was to make it even easier than the chroot install - so
> that one could simple dd and boot it
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