[Dev] Rework of the ARM installation guide

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Tue May 1 21:58:33 GMT 2018

+1 this was the primary reason I wanted a tarball.

The main difficulty is you have to have a parabola machine or a machine 
with pacstrap in order to install on ARM, rather than a machine with 
just dd or the like.

As much as I like parabola and hope everyone installs, 'normal' people 
who use other distros, or use a different distro as their main driver, 
who wish to install on ARM, perhaps just to test or whatever, may find 
it easier if they can just copy the contents of an archive to sd and boot.

On 01/05/18 21:17, bill-auger wrote:
> isnt that just the typical way of doing it? wasnt that exactly how it
> was done before the tarball was released? as i understand, the reason
> for the tarball was to make it even easier than the chroot install - so
> that one could simple dd and boot it
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