[Dev] [PATCH] libretools: fix i686 gpg signature failures

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 00:47:17 GMT 2018

> I myself feel that where the arch=(any) packages are different, they are
> probably different for a reason and would suggest that the build
> architecture take priority; for they are most likely to have the best
> support for that architecture family.

I guess:

1) The tar.xz files have the architecture already in the name.
2) These files don't have to be downloaded or stored more than once.
3) Parabola devs choose which arch=(any) package makes it into parabola.

The last point is important, devs can pick and choose which individual 
arch=(any) package comes from say, arch32 or archarm, or arch x86_64 or 
wherever. (Though one would obviously hope that arch=(any) packages run 
on all architectures).

There is pretty much no need for any fixed rules about the upstream 
origin of the package either, and so no need for an overall conversation 
about which upstream source should be prioritized. Much better to assess 
arch=(any) packages on a case-by-case basis instead, and make sure by 
hand that there aren't conflict duplicates from different upstream 
providers. If a discussion has to be had about the upstream source for 
an individual package, then so be it.

Therefore it probably makes sense to lump them all into a single package 
cache. And there is probably little point in having duplicate arch=(any) 
packages, mainly because:

1) You'd have to download lots more
2) You'd have to host more code
3) But finally and most importantly: The whole concept of the tag 
"arch=(any)" would become completely flawed

Maybe some day someone will write some code to address this issue.


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