[Dev] [PATCH] libretools: fix i686 gpg signature failures

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 19:00:36 GMT 2018

In regards to the patch ...

1) Why is this:
> if [[ $CARCH != $(uname -m) ]]; then

2) Any better than this:
 > if ! setarch $setarch /bin/true 2>/dev/null; then

The first doesn't change the cachedir if the host architecture is the 
same as the build architecture.

The second is a bit complicated, but as I gather, sets the architecture 
and runs /bin/true. If /bin/true returns false (something to do with 
setting the architecture fails), then the code is run. I may have got 
this wrong, but frankly I would be surprised if this works as it should 
and I like surprises.

For the first, bare in mind there is a possibility that you would want 
to cross-compile to the same architecture for some reason (e.g. 
reproducible builds).

For the second, I guess you want to know if you are compiling in a 
chroot or not, which makes sense, but I'm not 100% convinced that code 
works correctly just from reading.

In regards to the responses on the mailing list regarding mixing 
packages/overrides etc. I'm not sure how they correspond to the code in 
the patch. For the first, packages will not be mixed if the CARCH is 
different from the host. For the second, packages will not be mixed if a 
chroot exists (that is ... if the code works as it is presumably 
intended ... something I am not entirely convinced on at the moment, but 
soon may be).


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