[Dev] [PATCH] libretools: fix i686 gpg signature failures

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Wed Mar 21 17:27:01 GMT 2018

i dont doubt that is correct information but that policy sounds backward
- the very idea of an "over-ride" is that special things are able to
specialize over the generalities of more general things when necessary -
not merely *allowed* to be special in cases where nothing else actively
casts it into conformity

it is like *allowing* OOP subclasses to specialize only if the
superclass is abstract (and so they must specialize) - but if ever at
some later time the superclass is made concrete, then forcefully
reducing all dogs, cats, and mice into nothing more than generic
"animals", stripping them of their peculiar characters

sorry kitty, you will never "meow" again! - per orders from the big guy
upstairs - you will henceforth be known as 'Mammal[42]'

sry i had to mention that - it just stokes my philosophical fur the
wrong way - id be interested to hear why anyone though this was a
reasonable policy

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