[Dev] [RFC] Deprecation of webkitgtk2

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Fri Mar 16 11:47:09 GMT 2018

maybe webkit2gtk and webkitgtk2 are the same software with different
names - that would not be uncommon for AUR packages

but what makes you say it is deprecated? "deprecated" is not the same
thing as "arch stopped packaging it" - i would not use the word
deprecated unless the upstream developers say so - even then, it may
still be worth keeping - it sounds like probably not in this case though

the question a distro should ask in such cases is "does this program
offer any unique and important functionality to the distro that would be
missing if it were removed?" - like a web browser - no distro needs 10
web browsers but they should all probably have at least one - in the
case of file sync, there are surely several alternatives (unison and
rsync for examples); so parabola users would not be missing the "file
sync" ability - i dont know what the other program does but i suspect it
would not meet the "important" criteria - maybe send mail to the
[assist] list asking anyone to speak up if they want to save those packages

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