[Dev] New Parabola mirror: ftp.acc.umu.se

Niklas Edmundsson nikke at acc.umu.se
Mon Jun 4 18:45:16 GMT 2018

On Sun, 3 Jun 2018, Luke Shumaker wrote:

> I'm sorry!  I missed this part of the email; I thought fauno added you
> guys to the mirror list.  You should be in parabolaweb and the wiki
> now, and the `pacman-mirrorlist` package pretty soon.

Looks good, thanks!

> GeoIP is on the ToDo list though;
> "// TODO: weight by geoip or something?" has been in the code ever
> since the very first commit.
>> Among the motivations for running ftp.acc.umu.se are the aim to
>> provide excellent service to our region, so we strongly recommend
>> using a geoip aware download redirector. Mirrorbits
>> https://github.com/etix/mirrorbits comes highly recommended by many
>> projects that we mirror.
> Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look in to mirrorbits.

The most straight-forward way for package managers might be to just do 
an initial request (fetching a list/index file for example) and then 
aim future requests for that session towards the server that served 
the index file. You don't need file-by-file geoip perfectness for the 
package manager stuff, and it's usually smaller files meaning that the 
overhead of always following redirects might become painful.

For website-stuff it might be fancy to use the JSON capabilities if 
Mirrorbits to be able to show which mirror might be serving the 
download, or allow the user to choose, etc. But the most common way to 
do it is just to link to the mirrorbits download URL.

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