[Dev] "systemd" placeholder for now?

Freemor freemor at freemor.ca
Fri Jul 27 17:01:46 GMT 2018


  I have been watching lukeshu's great work breaking down the monolithic
systemd packages. And I agree with his view that packages that sloppily depend
on systemd when what they really mean is depend udev should be fixed. It seems
that the current lack of a "provides systemd" placeholder is causing issues.

  I was stuck with a ghosted (local/) systemd-dummy that was keeping
libsystemd-shared-238.so hanging about and as it was now not in any repos it'd
never get updated. Also "linka" in the IRC gave up on an openrc install due to
all the things that were trying to pull in systemd and without a placeholder to
make them happy they actually wanted to pull systemd.

  I'd like to propose a openrc-systemd-placehoder meta package for the time
being to 1.) help people who still have systemd-dummy floating around. and 2.)
Have a way for people doing an openrc install to keep the packages with sloppy
depends happy until they can be fixed up.

  I have hacked up such a package (mostly to fix my systemd-dummy issue) but
I'd like to suggest that it get made more official.

Why didn't I just go ahead an commit it? 

 1.) I'm new the doing PKGBUILD so this is probably really rough and hackish
 2.) I'm not experienced enough to be sure that it wouldn't cause instability
     for people that are using systemd by jumping ahead and being the
     default=1 choice during an install which would probably break all kinds
     of things.

So here is that I hacked up. It fixed my systemd-dummy issue nicely 
and none of the 12 or so packages that sloppily depend "systemd"complained 
about no systemd ... yada yada


# Maintainer (Parabola): Freemor <freemor at freemor.ca>
# A meta package to make packages that wrongly depends=('systemd')
# When all they really wnat is udev happy in a non systemd system
# Designed for Parabola where notsystemd-common lives

#_repo=https://repo.parabola.nu/libre/os   #Not sure what this should be set to for this

groups=('base-openrc' 'openrc-base')
pkgdesc="A meta package to provides systemd for packages that improperly depend on it; systemd compatibility package"
conflicts=('systemd' 'eudev-systemdcompat')


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