[Dev] High Importance

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Wed Jul 18 07:00:36 GMT 2018

Christopher Davis writes:

> I have been looking into this, and it seems likely that this is 
> a false
> positive. The code "6606621" was
> also used for a CUPS file, and according to VirusTotal only 
> ClamAV reported an
> issue. Information
> here:
> https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e770c592101a051e7a8d45a618c06244c301a8a6bcdec3f4dcc73a27b425c37b/detection
> Uploading to VirusTotal could help us figure out whether it's a 
> valid report in
> this case too,
> though be aware that you will need to run non-free JS within 
> your browser to use
> the page.

I did some research on the file in question, too. It seems that 
flags it as a virus due to some bad checking on the hexcode in the 
This has actually been reported to ClamAV in the past.

In summary, this package is not problematic.

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