[Dev] Fwd: linux 4.17.7 not suitable for i386

Brett Gilio brettg at posteo.net
Tue Jul 17 20:41:28 GMT 2018

Megver83 writes:
> Thanks for the info. Will see what does ArchLinux32 does 
> regarding this,
> but surely the easiest way is to skip linux-libre 4.17.7, which 
> is about
> to be released.

I am with you, the easiest solution is definitely just to skip 
4.17.7 of
linux-libre unless the FSFLA releases a patched version of the 

Upstream is already working on 4.17.8, so I do not see any reason 
include 4.17.7 with this type of problem.

Lets make sure that whoever maintains the linux-libre packages in
Parabola is paying attention here, unless that is you Negver, in 
case good work!

Brett M. Gilio
Free Software Foundation, Member
https://parabola.nu | https://emacs.org

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