[Dev] default redmine issue states

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Jul 12 14:18:44 GMT 2018

the default state of a redmine issue is currently the extremely
uninformative 'open' - it would be nice if these issue states were more
semantic and used more optimally - i would like to propose that the
default state of a redmine issue opened by a user to be 'unconfirmed' -
then a privileged user could confirm the issue as a bug or freedom
concern and set its state to 'confirmed' or 'in-progress' and assign it
to the appropriate person, or set to 'info-needed' or 'invalid' if it
can not be easily confirmed - it is not difficult or dangerous to manage
these states - redmine makes it convenient to create, view, and manage
these states via the web

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