[Dev] Duplicate ring.cx in PCR & Community repos

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Jan 4 22:37:27 GMT 2018

i should mention, if you can not wait, you could also install the arch
build today, but it's future is uncertain ATM - to be safe, make a
backup copy of your credentials if you have not done so already - (and
copy them to a different disk or USB thingy if you have not done so already)

$ mkdir -p ~/ring-backup/config/ ~/ring-backup/local-share/
$ cp -r ~/.config/ring/ ~/ring-backup/config/
$ cp -r ~/.local/share/ring/ ~/ring-backup/local-share/

$ sudo pacman -R ring-client-gnome ring-lrc ring-daemon
$ sudo pacman -S ring-gnome

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