[Dev] Duplicate ring.cx in PCR & Community repos

Ben uaqben at disroot.org
Thu Jan 4 18:58:40 GMT 2018


It appears we have duplicate entries for ring.cx application:

x86_64 	Pcr 	  ring-client-gnome 	1:1.0_20171129.2.cf5bbff-1
x86_64 	Pcr 	  ring-daemon 		1:1.0_20171129.2.cf5bbff-1
x86_64 	Community ring-daemon 		2:20171215.1.bc414d7-2
x86_64 	Community ring-gnome 		3:20171215.1.bc414d7-3
x86_64 	Pcr-Testing 	ring-kde 	2.3.0.r424.gb1992bb-1
x86_64 	Pcr 	  ring-lrc 		1:1.0_20171129.2.cf5bbff-1

I had initially installed from PCR, but now Pacman refuses to upgrade:

:: ring-lrc: installing ring-daemon (2:20171215.1.bc414d7-2) breaks
dependency 'ring-daemon=1:1.0_20171129.2.cf5bbff'

Any recommendation?



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