[Dev] AUR blacklist

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Feb 6 03:56:56 GMT 2018

i was editing the section of the wiki that describes package requests
today[1] (ty Efe for the package request via personal email) noting that
it simply says "ask a hacker" (so Efe did) - anyway i wanted ask about
this issue[2] alluded to there - yes it is 5 years old and yes it is
still open and assigned to dev (i shall name no names)

i did some work to the blacklist repo recently and noticed the
aur-blacklist file - i assumed this was functional and served exactly
the purpose described in issue #123 but after reading that issue it
seems clear that this was never fullly impleneted - so just to shine a
light here and suggest that perhaps the 5 years old cruft be pruned
(from the wiki, tracker, and blacklist repo) and people formally
assigned to issues be more mindful not to let them go on for 5 years
without resolution - in this case it does seem like a well-meaning but
practically intractable pipe dream really so maybe time to put this
puppy to rest?

[2]: https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/123

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