[Dev] Networking

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Feb 5 12:54:48 GMT 2018

the message "rtl9192ce (DEBLOBBED)" is indicating that your wireless
card requires the non-free 'rtl9192ce' driver - if you say your wireless
works on trisquel then something does not add up - is it possible you
have 2 wireless cards? my first troubleshooting suggestion here would be
to find out exactly which driver is used by trisquel and what does
h-node say is the correct free driver for your device

i can not say much to your second issue - perhaps there is an authority
bug on the openRC ISO but this is the first such report and i would have
expected such a bug to have been noticed by someone sooner - i would
absolutely try plugging the network into wired ethernet to eliminate any
peculiar extraordinary circumstances - does your computer have a
hardware kill switch for the radio?

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