[Dev] iceweasel/abrowser/gnuzilla/ collaboration

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Fri Dec 14 20:31:36 GMT 2018

it has been discussed on the IRC, a plan to collaborate more closely
with gnuzilla to unify the patches across these browsers, and to
discuss solutions to any new tricks and/or anti-features that mozilla
throws at us - this would, presumably, reduce redundant efforts, and at
the same time, provide a nice reference for other distros that patch
firefox per the FSDG

ideally, this would make iceweasel and abrowser essentially the same
browser with different branding - in reality, they are very similar
already; but this unification would serve to codify precisely which
changes are necessary to meet the FSDG, and what are some sensible
privacy-related defaults

the lead developer of gnuzilla was cool with the idea (he said it
would actually be a good opportunity to review and discard any
unnecessary patching), and when i suggested a new mailing list, he
showed me there was already a 'gnuzilla-dev' mailing list[1] - that is
currently used only for automated notices; but those will be stopped in
order to use that list for these discussions

anyone who is interested in packaging icecat or iceweasel (or may
someday be the one relegated to that dubious task), and anyone who may
like to voice their opinion (aka. bike-shed) about which features
should be enabled or disabled, what the home page should look like,
what is the default search engine, etc is encouraged to subscribe to
that list

[1]: https://lists.gnu.org/mailman/listinfo/gnuzilla-dev

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