[Dev] redmine admin status and setting issues to "fixed"

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Aug 27 07:41:05 GMT 2018

i just removed global admin status on redmine from all users - there was
really no need for that and it is a very dangerous feature to have
enabled always - that is not related to the 'hacker' or 'community'
access groups - it is only for changing the features and inner-working
of redmine itself

the only difference you might notice is regarding setting issues to
"fixed" - you may notice that 'fixed' is no longer an option for some
open issues - from now on, issues can be closed only by setting them to
'invalid' unless they are first assigned to a hacker - once an issue
has been assigned to a hacker, then that hacker and only that hacker
will be able to set the issue status to 'fixed'

the workflow permissions was actually changed to behave that way some
time ago when i made it so that normal users could no longer manipulate
issue states such as assigning them to a hacker or closing them as
'fixed' - but some may not have noticed the change because their global
admin status was over-riding the workflow permissions

the idea is to encourage people to self-assign and assign issues to
the appropriate others so that they can be seen in overview on your "my
issues" page that is now prominently linked in the navbar of every
redmine page https://labs.parabola.nu/my/page

and to make the issue statuses more meaningful, i would also like to
add a new issue status 'unconfirmed' to be the default state for all
user-opened issues - then as some dev reviews the issue, they can either
confirm that this is indeed a bug, feature request, deferred upstream,
or whatever and change its state accordingly

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