[Dev] recent increase in issue tracker users

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sat Apr 28 10:15:19 GMT 2018

i discovered an interesting statistic of note while in the rails
console for redmine

according to the roster, parabola (or at least the parabola issue
tracker) has had a massive increase in users within the past year

the records go back to 2013 - four years later, in january 2017 there
were about 300 registered users on the bug tracker - now there are over

this is of course nothing definitive - one can speculate anything
  * parabola has 4 times more users today than a year ago
  * parabola has 4 times more bugs today than a year ago
  * parabola has 4 times more spambots on the tracker than a year ago

that works out to about 15 new users per week - but we do not see that
many new users posting every week - so perhaps:
  * namy people register on the tracker but do not post
  * namy spambots register on the tracker but have not yet learned how
to post

whatever factors are involved, it is remarkable
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